Bulbitis also develops due to Crohn's disease, helminthic invasions, food poisoning and intestinal infections. The occurrence of pathology is affected by long-term use of medications.

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Nervous exhaustion, anorexia and stress also affect intestinal motility, causing dysregulation of acid formation processes.


Causes of bulbitis in adults.

The symptoms of bulbitis depend on the clinical type.

However, there are common symptoms of bulbitis in adults and children. They do not differ depending on the age categories. Sometimes bulbit proceeds in a latent form. Many patients are unaware of the existence of the disease, and some signs are similar to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is difficult to differentiate the pathology on your own.

Thus, doctors are able to determine the type of disease in a timely manner and begin treatment before diagnosis, in order to prevent deterioration and complications. Primary diagnosis is carried out in the doctor's office. This is a visual examination of the abdominal region and palpation. The doctor makes a preliminary conclusion based on the clinical picture.

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Diagnostics includes the following instrumental techniques and analyzes: During pregnancy, additional examinations are carried out aimed at studying the state of health and development of essay. In advanced cases, bulbitis is fraught with serious complications.

To confirm the diagnosis, the patient is given a referral for instrumental diagnostic methods and laboratory tests.

The focal form can cause malfunctions in the functioning of the digestive system. Without proper treatment, it turns into an erosive form. With the formation of ulcers, food can enter the abdominal cavity, which leads to the development of peritonitis. With an erosive type of bulbitis, the formation of a duodenal ulcer is possible. If it is in the bulb, there is a threat of perforation and bleeding. Superficial chronic bulbitis is characterized by bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, about 10% of online assignment help develops due to this type of disease. The second complication is the development of cancer of the major duodenal papilla. Delayed treatment leads to death.



The main and unchanged method of therapy for bulbitis is a diet. In difficult situations, an operation is performed. Patients are prescribed medication. Prescribe drugs aimed at relieving pain, antacids (for example: Almagel, Maalox, Rennie) - drugs can be taken independently, according to the dosage indicated in the instructions. They are prescribed for high acidity, ulcerative complication.


Only after a comprehensive diagnosis, the doctor makes the final diagnosis of bulbitis and prescribes treatment. When signs of bulbitis appear, the diagnosis is confirmed by a doctor, it is advisable to immediately begin treatment. Therapy of inflammation localized in the bulb of the duodenum is based on taking medications, herbal infusions.


When the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is detected, the treatment of bulbitis is based on the use of antibacterial agents. At the same time, the same antacids are prescribed, they regulate the process of acid secretion. When Giardia is detected, anti-Giamblia therapy is prescribed. If the analysis of feces showed helminthic invasion, the patient is prescribed anthelmintic drugs (for example, Pirantel, Vermox, Praziquantel, Decaris). With complications of bulbitis, for example, Crohn's disease, the doctor prescribes steroid hormones, zinc salts and vitamin C. If the cause of inflammation is intoxication, sorbents (activated carbon) are prescribed, which neutralize the effect of a caustic poisonous substance.

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For the treatment of chronic bulbitis with infection, therapy is used. If the disease is associated with increased stress, it is necessary to exclude the influence of the psychological factor. Prescribe sedatives. Treatment at home is carried out in the absence of ulcers, bleeding and other complications of acute or chronic bulbitis.

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If symptoms worsen, treatment does not help, bleeding is detected, surgery is prescribed. Most often, these conditions are characteristic of erosive bulbitis.
A bleeding vessel is ligated or a vagotomy is performed with the intersection of the trunks of the vagus nerve.
Treatment of bulbitis is impossible without proper nutrition. With the inflammatory process of the duodenal bulb, it is extremely important to follow a diet. This will help restore secretory function, improve motor skills and heal ulcers.
For proper treatment of bulbitis, it is important to observe a 6-time meal. Nutrition should be fractional, follow certain principles.
The use of white cabbage, spinach and sorrel should be excluded. These vegetables contain natural acids that provoke flatulence.

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The patient's diet should consist of vegetable soups in meat or mushroom broth, stewed or boiled vegetables. It is recommended to use porridge on the water, casseroles and puddings from cereals, soft-boiled eggs. For the treatment of bulesbit use folk remedies. Traditional medicine helps to help writing essays the disease without the use of medicines. However, with ulcers and bleeding, it will not work to be saved by home remedies alone.

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